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    Smartphone development bottleneck battery into mobile phone manufacturer nightmare

    Smartphone development bottleneck battery into mobile phone manufacturer nightmare


    From samsung Note 7 successive explosions, to recent apple iPhone 6 s mass appear automatically shut down, the world's largest two smartphone companies successively to stumble on a battery problem. Smartphones in the screen and the mainboard and computing speed at the same time, the rapid iteration increasingly exposed a short board, battery technology, and this may be one to two years are difficult to attack the problem.


    Why smart phone development encounter bottlenecks battery to mobile phone manufacturer nightmare?


    A small battery trip technology giants


    Though so far, samsung also announced no clear Note 7 specific cause of the explosion, but not far from the truth distance speculation also differ. Samsung to Note 7 into the handwritten pen, wu kuang display screen, iris recognition, and many other new technologies, and rob before apple iPhone listed, but ignores the battery safety performance.


    In order to meet the needs of users for longer life, samsung will Note 7 battery capacity increased from 3000 mah Note 5 to 3500 mah, cell volume smaller, also joined the fast charging function, the battery manufacturing process and technical test is proposed.


    Samsung in said in a statement: "we learned in our survey, batteries, battery isolation problems. When the battery is negative contact, battery batteries will be overheating. This is due to very rare workmanship problems."


    In contrast, apple in the smartphone battery upgrades relatively conservative. The iPhone 6 s of the battery capacity is 1715 mah, only the iPhone 6 s Plus also however 2750 ma, but it does not prevent the iPhone on the battery problems.


    The iPhone 6 s recent large-scale automatic shutdown, forcing them to Chinese users to replace part of the problem of mobile phone batteries.


    In fact, lithium battery of headache problems are not unique to the smartphone industry. Lithium battery, as it were, the safety and reliability, has become many tech giants dharma Chris's sword. No technology company to 100% of the world to ensure the safety of lithium-ion batteries, new products listed after practice the recall for battery defects were real.


    As early as in 2006, dell for the battery problem recalled 4 million laptop; At the end of 2015, tech giants tesla made of electric motor vehicle caused by spontaneous combustion lithium-ion batteries burning. In April this year, Toshiba if the defect of its laptop lithium battery that will not endure


    Mobile phone battery development bottlenecks


    How to produce more durable, safer battery, has gradually become a problem urgently to be solved in the smartphone industry.


    IT consulting services firm deloitte, according to a report issued by the cell phone battery life will become the key factors that affect consumers choose to buy mobile phones.


    In the past two years, the emergence of quick charge technology, solve the problem of mobile phone charging time long. But in terms of battery life and safety, improve strength is small. With the function of the smart phone is more and more comprehensive, user requirements on the performance of the battery will be more and more high, but the technology is still cannot completely meet the needs of users, technology research and development of mobile phone battery is a bottleneck.


    The problem is fundamental attributes of lithium-ion batteries. Weight of the lightest metal lithium as earth, its ability to carry electronic. At the same time, lithium too lively and easy to cause security issues, the low energy density, high storage cost.


    Researchers are trying to use new materials and structures to understand this problem. Last year, apple filed for two new patents, respectively called "portable computing devices, fuel cell system" and "portable computing devices, fuel cell system coupling". From the name, the two patents suggested that apple is studying the use of fuel cell technology to solve the iPhone, the device and a Macbook products such as a range of problems.


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